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Free movie downloads online

Free Movies for Android are Out There

Free movies for Android are available throughout the internet and all over a multitude of sites. If you enjoy watching movies and nine times out of ten that would be why you’re looking for free movies for Android. In this article, I will help lay out some different options where you can obtain free movies for your Android. These movies will be able to be stored on your SD card so that you can choose to watch them when you want and where you want to give you the true power and capability of On Demand at your fingertips. Sometimes we do not have active Wi-Fi connections or mobile data connections that are accessible, and we cannot utilize our devices for watching movies that we love. This is no longer true. Movies can be stored on your SD card from many different sources. There are also a ton of sites which you may carry subscriptions for that allow you to watch movies with an active internet connection as much as you want as well if connectivity is not an issue for you.

Free movies for Android

First I would like to give you some paid options. Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will give you the option to carry a paid subscription and watch movies. These sites run on average about $10 per month which is only $2.50 a week. The downside to many of these sites is the inability to watch the movies you want to watch when you want to watch them. This means you must have an active internet connection or mobile data service to view these great movies when you want to see them. Many of these sites are not updated with the newest and greatest movies available either. Luckily there are other options for watching the movies you love most.


Sites such as Popcorn Time, Moviebox, Cinemabox and others are available for you to download utilizing an APK file on your device. Downloading an APK file is very simple. Just be sure the security settings on your device are set to allow for downloads from unknown sources. Once this is done, you can download any APK file to your device that you choose. Sites such as Moviebox will allow you to not only stream videos via the internet or mobile data service, but you may also download these videos to your SD card to watch at a later time. This gives you a world of free movies at your fingertips.

Free movies for Android

Free movies for Android are out there if you just take a little bit of time to look for them. Sites such as and have helped to bring the world of Hollywood and Bollywood to our portable and handheld devices. Whether you are looking to watch movies on the go to and from work, at work, or on your time off that is up to you. All of the above-mentioned sites are great choices, and you are sure to enjoy all the movies they have. Believe me, they have lots of them when it comes to free movies for Android.

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