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Farm Heroes and Cropsie Basics

Farm Heroes got you hooked to its ever growing challenge? Do you find yourself spending all your free time trying to beat a certain level in Farm Heroes? Do you wish that there was a way to get through the levels just a little faster? Have you stopped playing because the levels got to challenging? If you are answering yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. This article is meant to help give you some tips and tricks to assist you in Farm Heroes. This matching game is known to present a larger challenge than its sister game Candy Crush.

Farm Heroes

If you are new to the game of Farm Heroes, it the basic concept is a match-three strategy game where puzzle pieces known as cropsies fall from the top of the screen filling the puzzle box. There are four different types of cropsies; carrots, apples, water drops, and onions. You can clear cropsies by matching three of the same kind in either a horizontal or vertical line. Each level in the Farm Heroes Saga will present you with a set number of cropsies to clear within a limited number of moves in order to complete your goals and move onto the next level.

Farm Heroes

Once you have the basics down, next is to learn what else you can do to build points or accomplish your goals faster since the challenges will only get harder and moves will become more valuable with each level you conquer.  One of the ways to earn points is just simply clearing cropsies, each set of three removed will add points to the neighboring cropsies, so plan your moves wisely. Another way to make the bonuses bigger is to clear four cropsies at a time, which then increases the bonus modifiers not only to the ones removed but it makes the neighboring value a reward worth mastering. If you can find a way to match five of the same cropsies, you can remove that one type of cropsies from the puzzle box for that game, making your goals and points easier to achieve to help with passing that level, as well as future levels.

Farm Heroes

Farm Heroes may be a challenging game, but it definitely is an addicting one that is sure to pass the time. With the proper practice, planning and strategy one can master each level to conquer the game, although, with developers adding new levels and updates regularly, this is one game that will never run out of levels to beat. One of the most important tips to remember is all the basic strategy of matching you learned above. The bigger the multiplier, the bigger the points, the larger the rewards will allow you to become a master of Farm Heroes.

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