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End User License Agreement Warframe

Dang gotta be careful what you say about the area sometimes cus one of my accounts was hit with this type of ban, then my main account did say “Login Check Failed Information Account” fortunately you only lasted for a week on my head. Then I tried to go back on the banned dummy account perma to see if it was actually a breakdown, but I still had the Jan 1 2035 ban and then returned to the main account only then having the connection back to my main account fail, but it only took a week as before. It`s almost like January 1, 2035 the ban is like a virus, but it`s my warframe story. The support can only tell you what you have done. Don`t usually see that console users are blocked. If you read the end user agreement, it says nothing about chat or trade. I signed up this morning to say that I too had a 3-day ban for that. I clicked and there are 5xs above and I did nothing against this agreement. I am a two-year VEt MR28 4k hour, I have never had a ban of any kind, not even a cat ban or even a warning that there is much less reason for this type of ban. I wrote a ticket for assistance.

Forums can`t help users in case of problems related to in-game blockages, whether in commerce, chat or the game itself. You must use a support ticket to contact DE customer support for support. I checked the end user license agreement and found nothing about a 15-year suspension just because you said a nasty thing in one of the chats. Correct me if any of you find it. It wasn`t even an insult, I made a joke. I recently made a thread on this wiki about this situation, but it was deleted because I can no longer find it. So either a mod or mods on this wiki page are huge shillings for DE, or they`re snowflakes that didn`t appreciate the chosen words I entered. Just today, the category of my assistance ticket has been significantly changed from the account, is blocked/suspended to chat ban or restricted, but I am still suspended until January 01, 2035. If I was excluded or limited by the cat; Don`t I still have to sign up and play the game? That`s interesting. Hey Buddy, in the same boat as your play from now T_T i Warframe for 3 years and suddenly this happens all the updates on your account? Maybe it`s something you wrote about the cat. They establish a fairly cumbersome zero-tolerance policy for certain types of news. .

The only thing I said before was “BLM – Terrorist Organization,” because people were saying exactly the same thing about the chat and discussing politics. I don`t know if I was suspended the next morning for 15 years or a mistake that walks because people were not banned on the same day, or even any reason for the violation of the EULA, but no one really did any harm.

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