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Download Play Store Today for a World of Awesome

Download Play Store! These are the words that I heard my friend yell to me as I was getting on the plane. This was my first trip going overseas, and I was going to be visiting a place where I was not familiar with the language. I’ve lived under a rock apparently my whole life and this is my first smartphone. As I realized I actually had one of these devices in my pocket, I knew there was going to be nothing on it. My friend was supposed to help me with the Play Store but had forgot on my ride to the airport.

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I figured it couldn’t be too hard, so I went ahead and was able to download play store myself. Once I had downloaded Play Store successfully installed on my phone, I was able to access all sorts of really cool games, apps, news, books, and movies. My flight was going to be a long 12-hour flight so I was excited to have all this entertainment at my fingertips. I still had a few hours before my plane took off and as I read through the tutorials on the apps I was downloading I learned that I could save things to watch offline.

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I also found offline games that I could play when I was not allowed to have the internet service active on my device in flight. When it finally came time to hit the skies and fly across the country to a distant land I was entertained the entire trip. Normally I just take a nap or read a few pages out of a book when I am in flight. This time the trip was going to be much longer, though. With the play store downloaded in my phone and all the awesome apps I could access it seemed like it was over in half the time because I was glued to my phone. Finally, I understood the addiction of staring into your cell phone as these boogers are very entertaining.

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I have watched my children stare into them aimlessly until their eyeballs basically caught on fire, and their thumbs almost fell off yet not understood what they were doing till now. Thanks to the Google Play Store download I was playing games and watching movies the entire time. I had not even noticed the 12-hour flight. When you are sitting in coach for 12 hours and time flies by it literally is priceless. The Google Play Store was a real life saver and now I see why everybody travels with their personal devices. The best advice my friend could have yelled to me was Download Play Store!

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