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Did You Know You Could Send Anonymous Text

Send anonymous text to anyone anywhere by downloading certain apps into your device. Perhaps your a creeper, a stalker, a psycho or just want to prank somebody but aren’t quite sure what to do, well I have the answer for you, just send anonymous text. There are many different apps in which you can send anonymous texts. If you want an app in which you can send anonymous texts, you are going to have to download an APK file to your Android device. Before you can download an APK file to your Android device, you will need to make sure that the proper security parameters are in place on your smartphone or tablet. I am here to help walk you through this easy process so do not be worried or alarmed. Sideloading an app is quite easy. It just sounds complicated.

The first thing you need to do is open the settings section on your device and look for security. Click or tap on security and look for the word unknown sources. Beside these words, you’re either going to see a slider bar which you will want to place into the on position or there will be a square box with you will want to make sure as a check mark in it. Once this is done, you are finished. You have now successfully set up security parameters for your device to allow for the installation of unknown sources to install files to your device.

Now I will go out and check out the Android app markets that are out there such as Aptoide, Blackmart Alpha, Mobile Genie, or the Amazon App Market even. There are many different apps for sending anonymous text. All you have to do is click or tap on the app that you choose to begin the download process. Within a matter of moments, you will be prompted by the app to accept the terms and conditions of that. Once you do that the Apple finish downloading all by itself with no further assistance from you. You can then access your app from your device and start sending anonymous text to whoever you choose. It’s easier today than ever before to send anonymous text.


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