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Deed Of Mutual Covenant Incorporating Management Agreement With Plans

Each owner, when he ceases to be the owner of a share and the premises relating thereto, must, by means of such recruitment, the name and address of the new owner, and without prejudice to the liability of the new owner, the sums due and payable and the execution and compliance with the conditions by the owner, which he has acquired under the conditions of that condition. In the deed, that owner shall remain responsible for all those amounts and for compliance with and compliance with those conditions until the date on which this communication is sent to the AIFM. excludes, however, common areas and facilities, development areas and facilities and areas within the building that have the exclusive right and privilege to own, use, occupy and enjoy owned by a particular owner, as well as facilities within the building that serve only a particular owner; 3. The successor of the Covenantee must have a legal succession. It simply means that a future owner who wishes to enjoy the benefit of a pact must be the legal owner of the country that benefits from it. 3. Whether or not to adopt a tender submitted to that effect shall be decided by decision of the owners, to be taken at a general meeting of the owner company, and the contract shall be concluded with the successful tenderer; or legal, accounting and surveying fees, as well as any other fees that the Manager must pay properly and appropriately in the performance of the services provided by this document and/or in the management and maintenance of the land and building; A common approach for lease agreements is that the landlord is responsible for external and structural repairs and maintenance and the tenant for internal and non-structural repairs. However, such a simple dichotomy can still be problematic, as words can have different interpretations internally, externally, structurally, and non-structurally under different circumstances. (i) a separate account from the special fund for the development of common areas and bodies for the payment of capital-intensive expenditure or expenditure which the administrator does not expect to be generated annually under the common development areas and facilities, including, but not not limited to, expenditure related to the renovation, the improvement and repair of common areas and facilities for the development and establishment of the office administration, purchase, installation, replacement, improvement and addition of facilities, systems, equipment, tools, installations and apparatus for the development of common spaces and equipment, as well as the cost of investigation work and related professional services. .

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