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Completed Exclusive Management Agency Agreement

1 EXCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT GUIDE 1. This form was designed to comply with the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 (the Act) and the 2003 Regulations (Regulations), which began on September 1. Non-compliance with the law and proper procedure may prevent the officer from recovering his commissions, expenses and expenses and/or from punishing the officer for violating the law and regulations. The agent should be able to explain the agency agreement to the awarding entity. 3. All parts of the form must be completed. An omission can lead to an erroneous agency agreement allowing a client to circumvent his financial responsibility to the agent. 4. A licensee may delegate his authority to a staff member (certificate or licensee) to inspect the premises and sign the agency agreement. However, the licensee is subject to the supervision of the holder of the certificate or licence in accordance with the supervisory guidelines issued by the Fair Trade Office. (5) The agency agreement must be signed by both the agent and the contracting entity and the copy marked “Main Copy” must be distributed to the client within 48 hours in accordance with the terms of the law and regulations.

Otherwise, this can result in a loss of commission. 6. The licensee`s licence number must be on the Agency`s agreement. If the agent acts as an organization, the company`s license number is the company`s license number if, as an individual contractor, the agent`s license number is one of the partner`s license numbers. 7. The agency contract contains written instructions detailing the scope of the agent`s mandate for the management of leased premises. 8. This is an exclusive administrative agency agreement.

The agent should ask the client if the client has signed another agency agreement on the management of the premises. If this is the case, the awarding entity should check whether the first agency agreement is still valid, which may mean that the client is responsible for paying more than one commission.

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