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Clash of Clans Android

COC aka Clash of Clans is Popular on Many Devices

COC, what exactly does this stand for or do you already know? It actually stands for a very popular application known as Clash of Clans or as the avid player would call it, COC. This strategy based mobile application is entertaining for teens and older. This is due to the sophisticated gameplay design, team strategies and one on one chat within a Clan. This game has proven to provide hours of entertainment, tasks and challenges that only get harder as you level up. If you are already playing, I am sure you have tried to lure your friends into your game or clan as well. This is one game that is worth the time and the mention, so head over to your devices app store to get started.


If you have an Android or iOS device, then all you have to do is head over to your app store to locate Clash of Clans or COC as we will call it. Since COC hosts your data on servers that the Supercell the development company owns, you will only need enough space on your device to host the application data to link you to your game content via an internet connection. It is recommended that you download the application over a Wi-Fi connection, and this is because when in game they will recommend you to play it over Wi-Fi to avoid using a large amount of your mobile data up.


Once you have completed your download, the next few steps of COC are a breeze. You will be asked to select a username for the game, if you would like to link up with your Facebook or Google Plus account and then will be taken through the tutorial to get your base started.

Now you are ready to check out the features of COC and see what this game is really about. Some of the features of this game are:
• Building your own fortress and base to ensure total protection of your village
• Worldwide battles with players, as well as trophies to take from one another
• Defend your base with towers, mortars, bombs, traps, and walls
• Attack your opponents base with over 18 different types of troops, find the best combination to defeat each base you encounter
• You can either attack players bases or attack the goblins village to gain useful resources you need to keep building, defending and destroying
• Build up and defend your town hall to be able to attack with potions and level up your troops
• Create a Clan with your favorite players across the globe and attack together


The features above are just some of the things you can do in COC. The combinations of troops, attack and defense methods are endless. The resources you can gather, attack for and win are only up to you, the limits set by your level and the strategy you have when it comes to conquering another player’s defense. This MMO is a largely played game already and still growing since its release in 2012, three years later with constant updates, new additions and challenges added weekly, will promise to continue to make this application strive for more years to come. Supercell has found a way to capture the players attention, are you willing to let them capture yours?


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