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Block phone number Android

Block Phone Number Android Steps

Block phone number Android is what you’re going to need if you are looking to stop harassing calls by blocking them on your Android device or blacklisting them. There are many different ways you can go about doing this on your enjoyed, so allow me to help you figure out how to utilize the block phone number Android. There are different apps that you can download into your Android device if you have an older one. These apps will allow you to block phone numbers by entering in the number you wish not to have call you anymore.

Block phone number Android

If you have a new Android device such as a galaxy s3 or s4 you have the ability to blacklist numbers. This is done simply by putting the caller on a list to be automatically rejected. You also find this feature labeled as auto reject on Android devices. Once a device is blacklisted or placed on the auto reject list the instant the caller tries to make a call to you it will be intercepted.You will not get the annoying ring of the phone only to have the nuisance on the other end of the line taking up your time. Whether it’s bill collectors, prank callers, or just someone you don’t want to talk to such as an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend knowing how to blacklist or block phone numbers on your Android mobile device will help you to remain a little more stress-free.

Block phone number Android

It doesn’t matter what the reason is for you not wanting to speak to somebody it is your right if you don’t want to be annoyed on your phone. Calls for everything imaginable nowadays come into your device once telemarketers get a hold to it. Insurance calls, update the warranty on your car calls, check your status on Google calls, and many others. Nobody has time for that kind of nonsense and that kind of nonsense doesn’t have to be tolerated any longer.

Block phone number Android

To utilize your Android device to block a phone number simply click on the specific contact number, you would like to not have call. Tap on you your menu key and then look for the option that says more. Tap on more and look for the option to add to blacklist. Then simply add this number to your blacklist and you will have successfully blocks of contact and connecting to your device.To undo this process simply do the same steps mentioned above the only difference is click on remove from blacklist instead. Now that is how you use your block phone number Android.

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