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Aia Short Form Owner Contractor Agreement

Although the A105 and B105 have similarities to other agreements, the Small Projects family should not be used with agreements in other document families, without the need to carefully compare content side by side. The AIA form family is ranked in alphabetical order. The two most common categories are Series A contracts, known as property and contracting contracts, and Series B contracts, called property and architect contracts. The AIA has issued construction documents for more than 100 years. Today, the AIA has nearly 200 forms and contracts that are used in the construction industry, and they are generally updated every ten years. While these formal contracts are common in the commercial construction sector, they are less common in the housing sector and in small projects. However, the AIA has issued several form contracts specifically designed for the use of less complex construction contracts. If the A104 is used, the corresponding owner/architect agreement is the B104. If the owner uses an abbreviated AIA agreement for a project, the contractor must be careful with the related project contracts. For AIA projects, contractors generally use the A401 as a subcontractor. The problem is that the A401 contains the terms and conditions in A201, while the A104 does not.

Therefore, if the owner indicates a brief agreement with the owner (“short form contract”), the owner should seek legal advice so that appropriate modifications can be made to the A401. For design construction projects, A145-2015 is intended for a residential project of one or two families and consists of the contract part and Object A, a design-build change that is performed when the owner and the owner have agreed to the amount of the contract. A design project is a project in which the owner enters into contracts with a builder and the builder is required to complete the design and construction of the project. The A145 is an optimized document designed to be used in residential construction projects. Although the contractor`s owner, A-Series, the contracts often seem relatively short because most of them contain 40 pages more with general terms, their length is misleading.

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