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Get a Movie App for Android Today

Movie app for Android is what you will need when you want to watch movies on your Android device. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet if you love movies then you need to find a movie app for Android. Movie apps for Android come in multiple different names, styles, and user interfaces, but all give the same great features. Features such as comedies, action, adventure, sci-fi, four, Western, independent, documentaries, cartoons, anime, and more. You get movies series and more all at your fingertips giving you the true on-demand experience that is really in the palm of your hand. In order to download many of the free movie apps to your Android device, you will need to first make sure you have set up security parameters that will allow for file transfers from unknown sources.

This is sometimes referred to as sideloading an app. The process of setting up the security parameters is a very simple one, and I will walk you through it now. First, open the settings on your device and locate the section titled Security. Click on tap on the security section. Once inside the security section of your device you will want to find the words unknown sources. Beside these words, you are looking for a small square box or a slider bar. Be sure the small square box has a check mark in it. If there is not one there, place one there now. If you have a slider bar instead make sure it is in the on position. Once you have verified the slider bars in the on position or the small square box, in fact, has a checkmark you finished with this part of the task.

You may exit out of the security section of your device and then close the settings sections as well. You have now successfully configured your device to allow installations from unknown sources. Now you want to locate a great free movie app for Android. Popcorn T Time, Show Box, and MovieTube are just a few that you can download onto your device now. Simply click or tap on the APK file that you choose, and the download process will begin automatically. Within a matter of moments, the service you have chosen will prompt you to accept terms and conditions before finalizing the installation process.

After you accept the terms and conditions, the installation process will complete itself on its own without any further assistance from you. The very first time you go to open your new free movie app, it will open slower than any other time due to the images and content being populated. Each time after however, your App will open flawlessly and efficiently. No matter what you choose enjoy your free movie app for Android.

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