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SuperSU Is Super and Gives You Super Powers

SuperSu is the Superuser app that is rated E for everyone. This superuser app gives you an incredible super user management for your rooted device. With SuperSU, you get all kinds of amazing super user features for your rooted device. When your device requires access rights, then you need SuperSU. Built with users in mind and designed to counter numerous problems that other users find when trying to use other Superuser access tools.

SuperSU comes with amazing features like super user access notifications, login, prompts and more. There is a pre-app notification configuration and a temporary unroot. There’s also deep process detection and it works in recovery. This means no more segfaulting. The app will work even if your Android is incorrectly booted. It works with non-standard shell locations and always runs in the ghost mode.

SuperSU can wake on front and be converted to system app. There is a backup script that will help survive CyanogenMod nightlies. There are four options to choose from for a theme as well. If you choose to go with the pro version, you’ll get a free app user override, login configuration, and protection. You can also adjust Auto deny countdown, and you get full color-coded command content logging.

The newest version has installer adjustments, corrected issues with the in PE and username resolution, corrected binary update issues, improved on the dumps take work around, as well as having updated language files. There’s Awesome backup support for lollipop and cm12 policy adjustments. All this and more can be yours when you choose to download this amazing app. Wait no longer. Avoid the frustrations of not having the power to truly utilize your device. Afterall it is your device and you probably spent a nice handful of money on it so you should be able to utilize it when and how you choose to!

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