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Free Movies app for Android

Throw Away that Box of Movies and Get Movie Box Instead

Movie Box is exactly what it sounds like. Only you’re not actually carrying around a big giant bulky box full of movies with Movie Box. This incredible app is downloaded into your device whether you have an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or an Android. It also works on PC and Macs. Movie Box gives you the power of entertainment at your fingertips and a true on-demand online experience bc you can download movies from Movie Box and even watch them at a later time. The Movie Box download is completely free, and if you are a movie lover or love all things cinematic, then you must have this app.

To get this incredible app on your device all, you have to do is be sure that the security parameters of the device you are attempting to install this amazing app in are set up to allow for this process. You can do this by simply opening up the settings on your device and locating the word security. Once you found the security settings of your device simply click or tap on security settings to open this section up. Once inside the security settings of your device look for the words unknown sources.

After locating the words unknown sources, you will want to find a small square box that is located beside these words. Look to see if this box has a check mark in it. If it does you are okay and nothing else needs to be done. If it does not have a check mark, you will need to place one there by clicking or tapping inside of the box now. Once you see a checkmark there, you are finished. Simply exit out of the settings on your device. You have now successfully allowed for the installation of unknown of files from unknown sources. As long as your internet security software suite is active and up-to-date, you will have no problems downloading any files from the internet.

Should there be any form of malicious activity, your internet software security suite will notify you of this immediately and prevent any further installation. Within a matter of moments after beginning the installation process, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions. When you have accepted terms and conditions, the app installation will finalize automatically. Movie Box will open slowly the first time as all of the information insides of it from Pictures to reviews is being populated. Each time you go to open the Movie Box app afterward however it will be much faster and easier of a process because everything will already be populated. All that’s left for you to do now is enjoy your books or movies that you can carry around in your pocket thanks to Movie Box.

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