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Whatsapp Will Save You Green

Whatsapp, the messaging app that will allow for the world of the people you know to open up to you. If you have people that you would like to stay in touch with but don’t want to spend all of your hard-earned money to do it then, you need Whatsapp! If you’re anything like me you work hard for your money and don’t like just to throw it away. Matter fact I don’t think there’s anybody out there likes just to take money and carelessly throw it away.

Well, maybe politicians but that’s something completely different. The WhatsApp Messenger app not only saves you money but it also helps you to stay in touch with friends, family, loved one’s, business connections you name it. The WhatsApp Messenger app works just like Messenger on your phone only you are not charged nominal rates, roaming fees, or other heinous charges by your cellular communication provider. This is because WhatsApp Messenger works using a Wi-Fi connection. WhatsApp Messenger will work on your mobile data but is best utilized to cross a Wi-Fi platform.

What’s app is available for just about every device on the market today. Being born out of the heart of Silicon Valley WhatsApp knows what people want because the founders spend more than a combined 20 years of performing some of the nerdiest and geekiest tasks at Yahoo imaginable. All of this smart stuff and gadgetry gave them the ability to produce a platform that is utilized around the globe by people everywhere.

You can download WhatsApp from virtually any app market out there. If you choose to download the WhatsApp APK file into your device make sure the security settings on your device or set to allow for installation from unknown sources. If you’re not sure whether you’re device is set up like this or not it can be easily checked. Simply open the settings on your device and look for security. Click on security and look for the words unknown sources. You will see a small check box beside those words.

That box should have a check mark in it. If it does not have a checkmark place one there now. Once that check mark is in the box beside the word unknown sources you may exit out of settings and begin the download of the APK file for the WhatsApp Messenger. You will be prompted to accept terms and conditions before finalizing the installation process. From there the rest is very self-explanatory. This process is even easier if you use one of the most popular multi-use platforms for downloading apps today. Regardless of how you get this appp once you have it you’ll know there’s no comparison to the money you’re saving when you use WhatsApp.

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