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WhatsApp for Blackberry is the Messenger App You Need

WhatsApp for Blackberry turns your BlackBerry device into a mobile messaging monster. That’s right you can get WhatsApp for Blackberry. WhatsApp Messenger app is incredible of messaging app that allows you to stay in touch with everyone that you want to for virtually pennies each year. The first year of WhatsApp Messenger is free and eats your afterward cost $0.99. The WhatsApp Messenger app does have in-app purchases that range from around $0.70 to almost $4.

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These are convenience Sea but not necessary in order to utilize all the great functions to WhatsApp Messenger app offers. You can voice message, text message, picture message, but that’s not all! You can also host chat and send video messages as well. Video conferencing is another feature that is offered by the WhatsApp messenger app. Not only will this work on your BlackBerry device but it will also go on to Android and Apple devices. Windows Phones no problem. Laptop computers no problem! Desktop computers no problem!

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It doesn’t matter whether you use Windows or Mac Android or Apple or Blackberry! The WhatsApp messenger nap utilizes an active Wi-Fi connection rather than your mobile data connection. This will save you hundreds of dollars even thousands of dollars a year depending on how much you communicate back and forth. Instead of making those conference calls for business over her expensive long distance landline or munching up all your mobile data trying to do it on your cellular device simply use WhatsApp messenger.

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It makes sense to save money don’t be a dummy save money use Whatsapp for Blackberry.

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