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Funny Emoji Faces Make Conversation Fun

Funny emoji faces, what are we talking about? If you do not know what they are called I am sure you have seen the funny emoji faces. If you have not I encourage you, especially on a bad day to do a google search with the exact phrase funny emoji faces and I am sure you will enjoy the images it displays for examples even if just for a minute, they should provide you with a good laugh.

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Now if you are like most that use your phone, I am sure you are always up for giving a little life to your messages, as we all know how hard emotion is to read in text format. With the funny emoji faces, you can spice up that message or add a little more character to it so that your friends and family are not left on the other end guessing you were joking, serious or whatever feeling you thought you were clearing texting.

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So how do you get to use these awesome faces, do you need to understand coding in order to use them? When they first were introduced it was a combination of characters, letters and numbers that only certain knew how to do or bring to life but lucky today we have pre-coded funny emoji faces within our phones or applications. If you cannot find the face you want to use, you can usually google the style face you are trying to make and find the exact instruction on how to make that face appear.

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It is not uncommon today, to see people using funny emoji faces everywhere. We have seen songs expressed in the faces, stories told with them and the faces used in place of words all together. It is becoming an ever growing artistic world again, all thanks to the digital art effects and coding that has made this possible. It is no wonder most did not know about them until an application was devised and the phone companies started preloading them to the devices you were purchasing. If this did not happen, we probably would not have seen the break through these funny emoji faces have made. This is taking the simple smiley face to the next level and beyond.

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