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Tasker APK is What You Need to Automate Your Android

Tasker APK file will give you access to install an application meant to help you automate your Android device. If you are a DIY tech nut and love to set scripts and other automated functions on your device you need the Tasker APK. Tasker allows for you to schedule tasks based on different parameters through either the screen widgets or through your user-defined profile. The Tasker APK helps you take full control of the capabilities of your Android device. The Tasker application works on phone that have been rooted as well as ones that have not.

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Unfortunately, the Tasker APK available on is only a 7-day trial. To unlock the full potential of this application long term, you must purchase it from the Google Play Store. Even when you download Tasker through the Play Store you are still technically downloading and installing the Tasker APK, it just all happens behind the scenes from a trusted source, so there is no need to change any security parameters.

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When you download the Tasker APK from, you must first set the security parameter for your device that will allow you to download and install applications and files from unknown sources. As long as you have up to date security software on your mobile device, there is no risk in downloading and installing the Tasker APK. There are almost unlimited things that you can do on your Android device once you install the Tasker application. Tasker allows users to set up the following types of automation on their Android device, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • -Set your alarm clock to wake you up to a random song in your library
  • -Set up text to speech so that it automatically reads incoming text messages
  • -Set text to speech to alert you when your battery is getting low
  • -Configure your phone to automatically change your home icons and wallpaper when you are in certain locations or set them to change automatically each day
  • -Setup Happy Birthday texts to send out months before the day it should
  • -Create automatic backups of your phone data and configuration

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These are just a few of the things that you can automate on your Android device when you install the Tasker APK and unlock the amazing world of automation for Android that Tasker offers. When you want automation, and you want to save time, you need the Tasker APK.

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