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how to send an anonymous text

How to Send an Anonymous Text is Easier Than You Think

How to send an anonymous text is a good question. Let’s take a look and dive into this topic together and by the time you’re done reading this article we should have answered the question on how to send an anonymous text. First briefly a text message, of course, is a simple written message that is sent to your device to someone else. It says things such as hello how are you or I’m on my way just to be basic. Text can be complicated and go into SMS messages that are longer. These are considered multimedia text.

how to send an anonymous text

When you are sending text messages most of the time, you will just send your message back and forth to those you share contact information with. However, there are times when people will want to send an anonymous text. If this is one of those times for you here are some of your options. The first is to enlist the service of a website such as Here you enter an alias name or your own followed by the subject of your text. Then you enter a number you’re sending from the United States or Canada. After that, you type in your message up to 145 characters similar to that of Twitter and hit submit. That’s it your messages then send out anonymously.

how to send an anonymous text

Another option is to create a Google account or an account on other services that is not directly linked to you in any way. You may also use the iPhone app wicker. However you choose to do it there are many options out there available for you when it comes to sending an anonymous text. Another great option is to go to the Google Play Store and download Anonytext. Unknown texts text is a relatively new app that offers in-app purchases. It gives you the ability to send a message as a complete stranger. It is a 3.3-star rating with only 409 positive reviews but then again it is still new. It takes trying and working out the bugs to make something great. In-app purchases are only $0.99 per item, so this app is not very expensive to utilize full features on. It might be just the way to go, and you want to know how to send an anonymous text.

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