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Whatsapp on PC is a Work in Progress

Whatsapp on PC, can you actually get this on your computer? If you are currently using a windows phone or android device, then yes you can get the Whatsapp on PC. This is more of a link to help update your existing device to be compatible with the Whatsapp on PC. This is still a trial run for the web-based version of the application, and actually it is still quiet buggy.  With more testing and developing of the PC based application, hopefully, it will prove to be as useful as it has been for iOS devices, which was where the Whatsapp first was introduced to.

Whatsapp on PC

Since this originally was an iOS device application, this may be why there are so many bugs in the Whatsapp on the pc version.  Computer coding and software for the iOS style devices verse the Android devices are a completely different language to each other. Unlike the iOS device the user is required to have a constant internet connection with no interruption and they must have a QR reader on their device to get started.

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If you are looking to try the Whatsapp on PC, then first you will need to figure out what type of device you are using. If its iOS, you are required to have iTunes on your device as well as an active iTunes account for the Whatsapp to work. If you have a windows or android based phone, then the Whatsapp on PC will be what you have access too.

Whatsapp on PC

To access the Whatsapp on PC, you will first need to go to to get the QR code you need to scan with your device. Download the QR reader from the google play store using your mobile device over a Wi-Fi connection and use that to scan the websites code image.

Whatsapp on PC

You will then want to download a program called blue stacks for Android on your PC so that you can use the Whatsapp on PC with fewer bug issues as reported by current users. Bluestacks player will allow your Android based programs to run on your PC at home as if it was using your phone on the computer.  Follow the on-screen instructions to link your phone up with the blue stacks player.

Whatsapp on PC

Now that all the programs are loaded, you can continue setup for the Whatsapp on PC, so that you can have access to delighted features such as international calling and messaging all for free. Not to mention standard phone calls, image sharing and video chat all within one program making it easier to stay connected and network, anytime anywhere.

Whatsapp on PC

Overall, the Whatsapp on PC deserves a try if you enjoy its current features on iOS devices. Just like any application or program, they are all bound to have some bugs in the beginning, but if you follow the above suggestions, you will find this allows you to use the program with fewer incidents. This is one application you can stay connected anywhere in the world for free, and if you have a lot of international calling, then this would be the program to use.

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